Get A Move On

I’m so excited.  In just a few days the girls and I will be moving into our new home!  Eeeek!  It’s a perfect-for-us light green house in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.   I have SO many plans for shabby chic-ing up some furniture, planting flowers, maybe an herb garden…  *sigh*   It has been far too long since we’ve had a place to truly call our own.  I’m so happy to be able to give them a home.  Beyond.

And for the record, the HOUSE is not shabby –  but much of the decor will be – or at least that is the plan.  I love the pretty soft fabrics, the flowers, the lace and gorgeous overstuffed pillows.

For now I’m doing the final packing.  My mother asked me if I wanted my grandmother’s china cabinet.  Do I?!  It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture and I feel so honored to have it.  I want to fill it with gorgeous mismatched thrifted plates, teacups and doilies!

There will be a lot of cooking going on, projects, mother-daughter movie nights, song writing, Bible studying, and hopefully a lot of great friends stopping by.

Can’t wait to get started.





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