Menu Plan Monday April 14, 2014

Last night some of my great friends came over to my place for girls’ night at my place to celebrate my birthday a little early.  They brought me a cake, Just Baked cupcakes and gifts.  We had some great food and girl talk.  I always enjoy when we get together.  I always overeat too!  But seeing as it is my birthday week (yes, week) as well as Easter, a lot of food is going on.  So for all the other meals I plan to go back on Weight Watchers Simple Start (or stupid start as I call it – only because I want pizza and chips and can’t have them!  hahaha)  Actually it is smart, easy to follow and super healthy – mostly.  I plan to tweak it just the tiniest bit to make it more long-term friendly.

I spent a good portion of my paycheck grocery shopping.  Overflowing cart at Aldi and then more from Kroger.  My kitchen is just filled up with fruits, veggies (both fresh and frozen) chicken, fish, ground turkey, whole grains, herbs spices, etc etc.  I get paid every two weeks, so I bought enough to get us through (and probably even further than) two weeks.


Breakfasts :

breakfast “hash” – eggs, diced potatoes, peppers, onion and turkey sausage with a piece of fruit

baked banana oatmeal with a boiled egg

whole wheat mini bagel with fruit and a string cheese

overnight refrigerator oats

(Kids add cereal and blueberry pancakes with turkey bacon)



Salad topped with protein (chicken, beans, etc) and a piece of fruit

1st week – Taco soup with veggies and dip

Leftovers with side salad or fruit

2nd week –  Veggie soup with beans, yogurt, fruit

Turkey or chicken and veggie wrap with veggies and dip

(Kids add turkey sandwich or pb&j )



Baked chicken in Crockpot with potatoes, carrots, onions & green beans

Tilapia with bulgur pilaf, broccoli, green salad

Red beans w/ turkey sausage in Crockpot over brown rice, green salad

Spicy Fish Taco Bowl 

Turkey burgers on the GF grill and oven fries, veggies and dip

Chicken burritos with avocado crema  (simplified)

Vegetable/whole grain spaghetti with turkey meatballs, green salad

Chicken grilled on GF with roasted cabbage and carrots and brown rice

We will have Easter and my birthday dinner over my parents’ house with family, plus another night over the two weeks.

(Kids – add chicken nuggets and french fries or mac n cheese if they don’t like what i cook)







One thought on “Menu Plan Monday April 14, 2014

  1. I love your menu plan, I should put something like that together for myself, and post it on my fridge.. I can stand to lose some of the extra pounds I put on over the winter months. I’ve emailed the link to that fish taco bowl recipe, to my daughter, it sounds like something she’d like. Thank you for commenting on my blog. 🙂 God bless you!

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