Happy Homemaker Monday

June 2, 2014

Forgive me for not using the regular outline for Happy Homemaker Monday – but I am at work and typing this up on a Word document to e-mail to myself to post later (

So, last week I made a grand gesture about living intentionally. Did I even start? NOPE. So let’s begin now.

Today for living intentionally

I will do my Jesus the One and Only Bible study

I will work out with my toning band (I’ve done some cardio the past 2 days)

I will NOT overeat tonight! Ugh! I have such trouble in the evenings!

I will make my kitchen SHINE before bed (evening routine)

I’m going to make up my own categories today. So sorry Sandra! But I do want to participate!

ON MY DESK (I’m at work () – A large Sonic green tea with a shot of s/f blackberry (obsessed!) my Kindle, a Nutrigrain bar and my phone. The rest is all your normal desk stuff!

OUT MY WINDOW – I look out at the top of a couple of small fir trees, telephone wires and the sky. There is a family of finches who daily grace me with their presence. A little touch of God every time I see them. Today is very overcast and we are expecting storms, so my view is quite gray. It is about 70 now, but will be a very humid 80-something by the time I leave.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND – My kids. Jake: I need Jake’s football practice schedule to work out rides. Emily: We homeschool year round (works best for us) and thinking about some project that will really be fun for her. Jennah: Tonight is her Awards and Scholarship night! Wednesday is graduation. Thinking a whole LOT about pulling off her graduation party on a tight budget. It’ll happen – I have faith in God!

WHAT I’M READING – Last week I finished The Thorn Birds and then borrowed my daughter’s book, The Fault in Our Stars. It was so sad, but I really enjoyed it. Read it in a day. Last night started Chill Factor by Sandra Brown – mystery/thriller. Read 25% of it. Good so far. Next up, I THINK, is Lonesome Dove!


Lots of Criminal Minds. Catching up. On season 6 now.

Orphan Black

DaVinci’s Demons

Game of Thrones

Black Box

NEW SHOW – Night Shift (watched the pilot – liked it enough to keep watching)


MONDAY – Red beans with turkey sausage and cilantro lime rice

TUESDAY – Having dinner with a friend

WEDNESDAY – Jennah’s graduation! Probably go out to dinner with family.

THURSDAY – Turkey ham, potatoes, corn and green beans in Crockpot

FRIDAY – Kid’s choice every Friday – chicken legs, tator tots, carrot sticks with dip. (The carrot sticks weren’t their choice but I need a veggie somewhere!)

SATURDAY – Kid’s choice for big breakfast – blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon – Dinner @ Parents’ house with the kids

SUNDAY – Grilled chicken, brown rice, lots of veggies (making extra chicken for salads for work lunches)

IN MY PRAYERS – A friend of mine from high school is having some health issues and God has put him and his family in my heart. My old church is sending a group out on a mission trip to Mexico in a couple of weeks! Two of my friends’ children are going. Praying for the trip to be safe and for them to make a change and bring people to Christ, as well as them to have an experience that will be with them always. My children, always!

Have a very blessed week!




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