Two-week menu plan

Time for my 2-week shopping and menu plan!  There is a LOT going on in the next two weeks!  My Jennah will be turning 18 on Sunday!  Then my bestest friend in the entire world will be coming for a long overdue visit the following Friday!  Then Saturday the 28th will be the annual Downriver Cruise (a local classic car cruise through several cities) which flows right in front of my dad’s business.  They cook out and lots of family and friends show up.  I will be “live posting” on their FB page from the cruise.  Then Sunday is Jennah’s graduation party!  I’m the host and there is still so much to do!  

Tomorrow and Friday will be my shopping days.  I have several stores to go to.  Meijer is having their 11/10 sale.  Kroger has 99-cent eggs and 1.99 chicken breast as well as a few other goodies.  Then all the basics at Aldi.  Family Dollar for cleaning supplies and paper products.  Finally Dollar Tree for a few odds and ends.  (All the stores are within a 2-mile radius of one another)  

School is out and Jennah is babysitting most days of the week – so we are on the same schedule.  I’ll make us breakfast while the lazy butt 14-year-old sleeps in.  


Breakfasts:  Scrambled eggs and toast, overnight oats, cereal w/ skim milk and fruit, breakfast burritos, blueberry pancakes and special birthday breakfast:  quiche and bacon! 

Lunches:  Leftovers, lunchmeat sandwiches with pretzels and fruit, tuna, chicken or egg salad sandwiches w/ fruit or carrots, salad topped with grilled chicken.  


Thursday – After working all day and then shopping afterward, I’m thinking it’s going to be the old standby of fish sticks and curly fries with salad for the girls :/   

Friday – Grilled chicken, pasta salad w/ veggies, corn on the cob 

Saturday – Pork chops, rice, green veggie and salad (Jennah is attending grad party, so she will eat there) 

Sunday – JENNAH’S BIRTHDAY!  Dinner with family – Jennah’s restaurant of choice

Monday – Roast chicken in the Crockpot with potatoes, carrots and green beans 

Tuesday – Girls will have hot dogs w/ leftover pasta salad.  I will have chicken and dumplings with leftover chicken! 

Wednesday – Dinner with family 

Thursday – Grilled chicken tacos with avocado, chips and salsa 

Friday – My best friend will be here!  Bubble up pizza 

Saturday – Chicken parmesan w/ spaghetti and broccoli 

Sunday – Jennah’s graduation party!  We will have leftovers for dinner! 

Monday – Probably more leftovers for dinner. If not, chicken nuggets, baked french fries and green veggie. 

Tuesday – Meatloaf muffins, rice, green beans 

Wednesday – Dinner with family 




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