Happy Homemaker Monday! – June 23rd, 2014



Happy Homemaker Monday — uh, Sunday!  Head on over to Diary of a SAHM every Monday to read more!

As I look outside my window:::  I see the new driveway!  I should be able to drive on it in a few days 🙂


Right now I am::: Sitting in my favorite chair, with the air conditioner going and the fan blowing on me!  (I can’t stand to be hot when I’m inside!)


Thinking and pondering:::  Today’s Jennah’s 18th bday – so thinking about tonight and still planning for her grad party next week.   Pondering a LOT about finances and how to increase my cash flow ASAP.


On my bedside table::: Incense, green tea with mango on ice, Joyce Meyer cd’s, Kindle.


On my tv this week (I watch all my shows online! Here are the ones I am looking forward to most this week)

Last episode of Orphan Black & Game of Thrones

Criminal Minds season 8

Night Shift



Ghost Adventures

Listening to:::  My Christian favorites on Spotify.  Right now is “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns.  Next is “Mountain of God” by Third Day.


On the menu for this week:::  Now that Jennah and I are both working (!!) and we are sharing one car, plus the girls’ activities, etc – scheduling is more important than ever!  So I am trying very hard to be super organized this week!  (TRYING)

Monday – 

BF:  Overnight oats w/ fruit & a boiled egg

Lunch:  Ham & provolone sandwich with thyme mayonaise, a banana and pretzels

Dinner:  Chicken burritos w/ avocado, chips & salsa (make extra chicken for Wed lunch)

Tuesday –

BF:  Scrambled eggs, banana & a blueberry biscuit

Lunch:  Doc @ work buys lunch 🙂

Dinner:  Pork roast in the slow cooker w/ gravy, rice, green salad, homemade garlic bread (use 1/2 to make croutons)

Wednesday –

BF:  Cereal for girls, overnight oats w/ boiled egg for me

Lunch:  Salads topped with chicken and croutons, banana

Dinner:  Dinner with my parents

Thursday –

BF:  Toad ‘n the hole, berries & yogurt

Lunch:  Tuna sandwiches, carrots & dip

Dinner:  Chicken legs, pasta salad w/ veggies, corn on the cob

Friday –

BF:  Picking up my bestie @ the airport!  Overnight oats, cereal for girls

Lunch:  Leftover pasta salad

Dinner:  Bubble up pizza or out for dinner

Saturday –

BF:  Going out to breakfast with my bestest and one of her other besties

Lunch:  Going to the Downriver Cruise (local car cruise)  Cookout @ Dad’s shop

Dinner:  Scrounge

Sunday –

BF:  FYOF (find your own food)


Dinner:  Leftover grad party food:  Fried chicken, baked penne pasta, meatballs and gravy, polish sausage and saurkraut, roasted potatoes, baked beans, cracked wheat pilaf, spinakopita, deviled eggs, salad, macaroni salad, etc etc

On my to do list:::  Work, chauffeur kids around, LOTS of shopping, prepare house for bestest’s arrival, Jennah’s grad party etc etc


Happening this week:::
Monday – Work, chauffeur

Tuesday – Work, chauffeur 2 kids, shop

Wednesday – Work, chauffeur 2 kids, Mom’s house for dinner, shop

Thursday – Work, chauffeur 2 kids, shop

Friday – Pick up Heather at the airport!!!!  Shop, cook, etc for grad party!

Saturday – Hanging out with my bestest and preparing for party


What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  Nothing this week, too busy!
My simple pleasure::: Reading, making lists


Favorite picture of the week:::



Lesson learned the past week::: Always fight for what you believe in!  Don’t be complacent!
Looking around the house:::  Need to pick up and put stuff away, more laundry, sweep, clean off kitchen table :/

 Prayer List::: My kids.  A friend from highschool and his family.  Our country.  Friends. My parents.

Bible verse, Devotional:::  Psalm 33:1-3   Let all the joys of the godly well up in praise to the Lord, for it is right to praise him. Play joyous melodies of praise upon the lyre and on the harp. Compose new songs of praise to him, accompanied skillfully on the harp; sing joyfully.


Have a blessed week,




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