Rock bottom – full of leftovers – Menu Plan!



Breakfasts:  7-10 points

2 eggs (4 pts) with fresh fruit (0 pts) and whole grain toast (3) with one tsp of real butter (1)

Overnight oats (5-7 pts) with a boiled egg (2)

Egg/egg white omelet (3) with fresh veggies (0) fruit (0) and either cheese (2) or yogurt (2)

Lunches:  12-15 points

Leftovers, salads and protein or sandwich with veggies and dip.  Girls – tuna and egg salad sandwiches, carrots & dip, fruit.

Afternoon snack:  4-6 points

String cheese, almonds, fruit, air popped popcorn, veggies w/ hummus


Monday:  Leftovers from graduation party w/ added veggies

Tuesday: Leftovers, green salad

Wednesday: Parents’

Thursday: Ground turkey meatloaf muffins, green beans, oven potato wedges

Friday: Parent’s 4th of July

Saturday:  Grilled chicken, veggie pasta salad

Sunday: Chicken legs, seasoned fries, salad  (no fries for me – leftover brown rice)

Monday: Red beans & brown rice (kielbasa and rice for the kids)

Tuesday: Steamed garlic veggies, chicken and leftover veggie pasta salad

Wednesday: Parent’s

Thursday: Pinto beans w/ corn muffin (kids will have leftovers)

Friday:  Spaghetti with turkey meatballs, green vegetable

Saturday: Parent’s

Sunday:  Stone soup & corn muffins (fish sticks for kids)

Monday: Chicken w/ spinach and garlic over whole wheat pasta, green veggie

Tuesday: Lentils, onions and rice

Wednesday:  Parent’s


Shopping list: $34 for 17 days!  Thankfully we have a TON of leftovers from the graduation party – even after sending food home with friends and family!  Will be shopping at Aldi and the Bulk Food store

bananas x2 – 1

apples x 1 bag – 3

spinach – 2

green beans – 1

2 pounds chicken – $4-$5

lunch meat – 3

Bulk foods –

lentils, kidney beans, pinto beans, brown rice, Whole wheat pasta,  White pasta $6

6 yogurts – 3

String cheese – 2

Case of water – $3

Coke – 1

Home – kitty litter, paper towels $5


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